A nightstand is often regarded as a luxury item. It has a unique beauty that makes it special. Sometimes it’s the little details that make a piece of furniture special. The nightstand is often a focal point for the room and a nice detail that can be used as a tool for displaying and storing personal items, books, valuables, etc.

But nightstands are also easy to include in the design of the bedroom. They are very useful in the case of small spaces that only have a bed. In this case, the nightstand is a versatile piece that can also be sued for storage. Here are a few examples that beautifully illustrate this idea.

One simple nightstand is perfect for displaying baby pictures. Here we have a family portrait that’s beautifully framed and is also very easy to install. Here we have another lovely nightstand, this time with a similar design. The base is the star of this design and it’s made of wood, the top is just a simple square mirror and the two storage boxes are perfect for displaying decorations or collectibles.

This is a modern nightstand, with a very simple and sleek design. The color is neutral tones and the contrast is strong but not disturbing. The nightstand is made of wood and has a natural color patina. It features a small open shelf and two storage boxes with glass sides that can be used to store items such as the phone,endant, a book, etc.

This is a side table that features a modern look. The top is illuminated and it pits and lights up. It’s an interesting choice for a modern nightstand or even for a bedroom desk. The dimensions of the nightstand are 24?Wx24?Dx18?H. It’s made of wood and it has a simple and versatile design. Its simple and neutral design makes it perfect for all types of interiors and it can also be included in a variety of other décor units.

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