This French door manufacturer, White Door, is taking the trend world by storm with its revolutionary door designs, Fresher than ever. If you’re looking for an innovative door design or if you need strong links with the fashion sector, these door designs are all about sophisticated elegance. Whether it’s a door or a shutter, these french doors will make a stylish statement.

The choice of materials, finishes and colours was carefully thought to please different typologies of styles from the ultra-modern to the more traditional. Each design is a work of art, so please don’t be fooled by the elegant lines. Each piece has its own life and personality. The door is handmade (french de l’Etérison), made of high-density polypropylene resin, which makes it light, durable and scratch-resistant. It is designed to be long-lasting and low-maintenance. White Door has partnered with Best Hardware and Made in USA factory to create the sensor activated shades. This trim colour is available in 50 different colours and you can opt for the refined over-sink colour. You can also check out the cutting-edge sound system and see 24/7 tech support.

French Door Windows By White Door Photo 2