When you are a little girl you are surrounded by pink toys and pink clothes. At least in my case this is my dream. However, when you grow up you will become more mature and start to realize that pink is the color of royalty. And nowadays you will see many interior designs that use pink exclusively and every time you see it used as a central color in a certain house. Here is a collection of the pink kitchens from Egean Orona that I like in particular because it combines style and practicality with the most interesting patterns.

These kitchens show us some examples of how to decorate a certain kitchen using only pink. You can create a very sweet and delicate atmosphere by simply choosing the right pink accents. It will definitely satisfy your little girl who will love to cook and bake for you. The vast majority of models show you how to decorate a kitchen using only pink. What some people might not know or maybe wonder if they should buy pink kitchen accessories?