There is no denying that each of us wants to have our own space and time for ourselves. We are always looking for the next relaxing corner, an angle to watch television, play table games or just drink coffee while the meal is taking place. Most of us would like an interior that would give us the comfort and place that we need.Cooking for your family is a common task, but each of us has its own perception of interior and this statement depends on the way we view it.

Today I would like to present you the apartment “Das Haus”, a kitchen in the chill of extraviscos, Monte Carlo, Monaco.It is complete with all the modern equipment and furnishing facilities.Most of the “Das Haus” kitchen is built into the wall and the furnishing is built into the wall also.

Apartment Kitchens From Mensi Photo 2

This “modern kitchen” is placed on the wall and the old place was turned into a great place for a flower garden.You cannot miss a piece of furniture such as: sink, two sinks, four sinks, oven, etc., that will complete the entire kitchen interior design and all the facilities that you need. You have also asked yourself whether the kitchen will be the heart of the house, or it will be just a empty space which will be transformed into different objects of art and not usable spaces.

Apartment Kitchens From Mensi Photo 3

The mechanical door made of frosted glass and a new louvre system was added as an “added” area to the old kitchen.In the living room is a new and large glass base, which is supposed to be the new reading corner and the new entertainment area.The walls around the new space are paint white and the floors are done in beige and brown.

The overall idea is to make you feel more “home” and not like in a place where you are supposed to be living.This original and nice kitchen located in the Majestic and Monte Carlo are the perfect place where you can spend the moments of relaxation that you always wanted and enjoy good food and good company.