Most bathrooms are painted in white or in neutral colors because this bathroom is supposed to be the one at the bath, where the owners are calm and take their time enjoying the time spent in the bathtub. And most of the bathrooms do not have enough space to have a special bathroom area, but all women have a problem and want to have the best place possible in the bathroom.

I saw these pictures and I thought of how I love this bathroom (hereafter of a house, apart from the fact that it has black and white windows). So I decided to create a special corner for myself, where I could relax and enjoy a very hot bath.For guys who would like a very special bathroom, maybe a steam room or a rain shower, I suggest to choose this one. For the rest of the house it can be anything, but I think this one is perfect. The bathroom is surrounded by a very beautiful and relaxing landscape that make you calm and enjoy yourself.