The Roman shower is an interesting element that will add a unique touch to your bathroom. The design has been evolved to suit the needs of the contemporary home. The Roman shower is a sort of secret closet, designed to hide the water pipes and also to give the user privacy and independence. There are several types of Roman shower enclosures to choose from. The most common ones are the sliding, floor and central panels.

Roman shower panels

Roman Showers Photo 2

Modern and contemporary Roman shower panels come in a huge variety of designs and colors. They can be installed onto the walls, convey a sense of freedom and they can also serve as dividers between spaces within the enclosed shower, if space is required. The sliding doors are practical, easy to use and good-looking. The Roman shower panel, however, features a solid edge which is a more secure fit. They can also be used to conceal pipes and water pipes, for extra privacy.

Traditional shower panels

Traditional shower panels allow you to choose from a variety of different colors and textures. They can have a simple, geometric design or be more ornate and sophisticated, featuring intricate carvings and details. They can also have a textured look and make the shower stand out. You can choose from a variety of different materials and finishes.

Modern shower panels

Other types of shower panels include those with simple designs and clear colors. They’re easy to install and all you have to do is position the shower panel and the sink, then fill the space with water. Installation is easy and all the necessary hardware is included in the set. Find out more details about modern shower panels on Silen.