Even though this bathroom is part of a home, it’s situated in an attic and this raises a series of unique conundrums. The owners wanted the bathroom to be bright and simple but also warm and inviting. They also wanted it to include a sort of sitting area so the owners from Lichtversee Architects came up with the idea of creating a large area using a wood crate and a raised platform.

The crate houses a bath area and the ceiling above it offers a viewing station. The crate is partially supported by metal legs which offer stability and it also helps keep the weight down. The floor is made of concrete while the walls are covered with wither wooden or steel tiles. This eclectic bathroom decor complete with a round washbasin, freestanding tub, round mirror and delicate sconces and a round chandelier is something you would expect to see in a stylish modern bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom Decor With A View Photo 3