When decorating a kitchen the first thing that comes in your mind is the furniture and the colors that are suitable for this room. It’s easy to control the situation and you can find lots of different ideas but in the kitchen there’s usually one by few that you’re free to use. The material that you use for the furniture is also an important aspect. For example, stone is often used because it gives the space the warmth needed to create a rustic interior décor. Marble is also an important tip.

A gray kitchen needs to be simple and neutral. The color is very important and can determine the shade of the walls, floor and countertops. The material and its finish influences the atmosphere in the room. As for the colors used, gray is a common choice because of the simple look that it offers and also because the versatility of the color.

There’s also another consideration that will affect the way the kitchen is perceived when it’s decorated. It’s important to know how the kitchen is going to be used. If it’s going to be used for cooking, then it has to be a very simple space with minimalist furniture and efficiently-arranged storage systems. If it’s used for entertainment, then it can be a part of a larger décor with a more complex interior décor that can take advantage of the surroundings and that can challenge the eye with all its colors and patterns. The colors you choose are important as well. On the other hand, white is a very versatile color that goes with everything. The neutral shades it usually features cause it can be used for all the rooms, including the kitchen.{picture sources:1&2,3,4 and 5}.