Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Nap Room In Rural Japan

A Naponika house was designed by Containerarchitecture to be a tiny room in a really big house. It is located in Gardinnos, Japan and is surrounded by trees and is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet evening or reading […]

Meditation Nook By Aimee Leigh

This quiet home is the meditation nook designed by Aimee Leigh, who owns this cottage in the woods of Ontario, Canada. This cottage is hidden in the trees, with only the reflection of the water off the windows and the […]

Japanese Landscaping Ideas

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this residence has been awarded the title of the 2010 APA Hawaii Dining Challenge by the American Society of Interior Designers and the highest standard organization in the APA Hawaii Dining Challenge. The design was created […]

Small Wooden Cabins In Chile

This is a small wooden cabin that was designed by studio Carlos Gilardi. It’s located in La Planicie, in Chile and it’s a wonderful summer retreat. It’s perfect for those wanting to escape the urban environment and to go somewhere […]