Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Farmhouse Look House

A perfect home for the summer holidays, this stunning farmhouse look house designed by Nathan Kirkland is an architectural gem. The contemporary home’s unique shape comes as a response to the regional climate. It offers beautiful views of two lakes […]

Bedroom Lighting Fixtures By Calazzo

The Italian company Calazzo has introduced some very interesting bedroom lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures take the basic fixtures found in sconces and lampshades and placed them on the wall. In this way they serve both as a source of […]

Picnic Dining Table

I know Picnic is not exactly a picnic, but just a small table and cushions. But this doesn’t mean it is any way like that. According to the guys from Green Apple have created a very special table designed exactly […]

Kitchen With Shelves By Iosa Ghini

Italian architect Iosa Ghini has designed this stylish kitchen with shelves. Located in Cap-d’Aro, Italy, the kitchen consisted of a large space that also acted as a distribution center for household appliances, furniture, heating and water. Photos by Paolo Tosti

Wood Islands Kitchen Design By James Knight

The Island Kitchen is a new concept by French company James Knight, which focuses on creating a comfortable and enjoyable kitchen design using high quality materials and generous design. Also, the new concept is allowing the cook to actually cook […]