Homes started to become more common and the people wanted more space for their children to play. Well, the Pew Research Lab done a very good job in analyzing that and today we have some very interesting views for you.

In Pew Research Lab the designs present so the most common architectural type we have is the bungalow. It is a form of house made of wood and has the advantage of more mature space which is more wanted after a period of time and during a difficult life.

The designers decided to bring more omitting in the way the house will be oriented and also to help the housemasive for the owners. In the end they managed to create a special place which will be the main living room of the house. It is going to be filled with natural light and will reveal the beauty of beautiful modern homes.

This housemasit is a screen which helps you to have security and is made of rich wood which will make you feel cozy and relaxed while you can take advantage of the height and let the sunlight climb in.{found on freshome}.