Pumpkin carving and decorating pumpkins is something that everyone enjoys. It’s a simple and fun activity, it releases the energy, it builds momentum and, depending on the species, it can be either a more complex project or a perfectly enjoyable one.

Now let’s see how we can incorporate pumpkins into our projects and make them look beautiful at the same time. For example, chalkboard paint can be used to create a design for the pumpkin vase. To find out how to make the pumpkin chalkboard, have a look at the description provided on Irmayea. The supplies needed include white spray paint, black and white acrylic paint and chalkboard paint. You’ll also need a paint brush and, of course, a pumpkin.

If you want, you can paint the pumpkins in the colors of your choice. You can find some inspiration on Farmfreshtherapy. Paint the pumpkins white and then use black to create a black background for them. Then, once they’ve dried, apply a coat of copper glitter onto a clean brush. It’s all done. Use the pumpkin as a vase.

Decorating Pumpkins With Chalkboard Paint Photo 3

On DIYs, you can find a very inspiring project. It’s a pumpkin terrarium which you can make using tin cans. First, clean the cans and remove the labels. Then fill them with little pumpkins and put them in the mix. {found on thesuburbanmom}.