Finding a practical way to store laundry, shoes or sports equipment which often becomes more than necessary after some time is the main challenge in life. Most of us have a busy lifestyle and tend to take this as a hobby or just a live or work place.

The second challenge, for those who have the patience and inclination, are those who would like to decorate their home in a stylish and pleasant way so that they are able to feel really relaxed and comfortable when they get home; they would like to have enough space in their house in which to display all their prized objects and personal things, as it is the case with us when we are home.

Perhaps the best solution would be to combine all these things and especially to get some comfortable and lovely folding furniture pieces.The Danish manufacturer Stålmöbler has come up with an ingenious way of combining a closets with a stylish fold out panel which can also be used as a space saving measure measure other measures that need to be space efficient.

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