This is a small living room interior design located in Barcelona. It was designed by MARC Architects and it’s a typical example of minimalism and all the other details that are important in this case when decorating a private home.In this living room all the basic features have been packed into a tiny space. There’s only the TV and the light fixture and nothing else.

The bed is hidden under the sofa and the table, which is actually the work of the desk designer (Gustavo Segura) is placed in front of the sofa. Batterias is a very comfortable armchair and it has been complemented by a comfy Cented Tomb (Signed by Sérgio Rodrigues). It also features a Birkà pouf that can double as a coffee table. The rest of the details are visible on the carpet that matches the feature of the armchair.

Tiny Living Room Interior Design In Barcelona Photo 2

The living room features another minimalist fireplace, this time hidden under a high platform. The TV is protected by a custom curtain. It’s a surprising detail that manages to get unnoticed yet it’s such a great feature. There’s another room that benefits from the presence of a small sofa. It’s a space that can be used as a home office, guest room, or as an office.

Tiny Living Room Interior Design In Barcelona Photo 3

La two seuil avril mange, l’autatieveu décor Expansat de l’arreste, hvrittet fischer aujonnen.

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