Everyone likes to enjoy the natural light in their home. But sometimes it can be difficult to do that because of the window, the space and the only thing that can obstruct it are the curtains and the blinds.

Today’s inspiration was the Sliding Window Curtains project. Basically the designer managed to create this beautiful decorative wall using sliding doors. The idea is both functional and stylish. It’s a way of creating a casual and elegant atmosphere at the same time. The project is composed of a series of three sliding panels that can be placed on a white wall. This way a casual look can be created while also being elegant.

Sliding Window Curtains And Shades Concept Photo 2

This elegant deconstructed look gives the room a very modern and abstract look. It’s the perfect choice for contemporary interior decors. The panel showcase a large and bright sectional. Moreover, the black and white contrast is very beautiful and the gray floor really helps with the overall décor. The Sliding Window Curtains are easy to install and this makes them a great choice for large spaces. They are great for living rooms as well as for home as it they can be applied on either the wall or the ceiling. Place this new feature in the bedroom or anywhere else you want. The panels are made of high-strength plywood and they are not respectively hard.

Sliding Window Curtains And Shades Concept Photo 3

Sliding Window Curtains And Shades Concept Photo 4