Everyone is familiar with the typical Halloween picture, the colorful cart used to bring welcome message. But whatancupants do when it’s not enough? I’m having a hard time imagining how one of us can do all that with such a simple piece of furniture, but I promise that colorful trays will bring some fun to your home, too.

Our trays are so useful because they allow us to clear a lot of items from the shelf, but also they look nice as a decoration. I discovered this interesting idea of stacking trays and making Halloween trays. I mean, why not?! The pictures in this article show you how to do it and some tips and suggestions, but I thought we would move on and show you, in a way, how easy it is to make your own trays.

So if you need a place where to hide the small trays for a few minutes, why don’t you try to make one of these creepy crawlers (95 cm long, 35 cm high). If you’re lucky enough to find a decade old decaying trays and only draw a few lines on them, you can make a very cute skeleton bear. Snake, anybody?