This peculiar house located in Lima, Peru is a mixture of traditional and modern elements that result in a strange but pleasant house. It was designed by Luis Trejos, Gustavo Quilon Arquitectos, Juan Pablo Ribadeneira Barlas and Orlando Manosaljaras of the architectural firm Primitifas Arquitectura. It was constructed in 2010 and it covers a total area of 452 (93) meters.

The unique form of the house and the material used were the elements that dictated the development of the project. Inside, the building is formed by two blocks, one of them being a social area and the other one for the bedrooms and bathrooms. Between these two areas there’s a block enclosed by a series of partitions and rigid walls. The result was a contemporary residence with an interior décor that looks strangely abandoned like most of the houses in this area. It’s probably the alternative to living in close connection with the nature. In there you get the feeling that you’re freezing while you’re watching the snowfall or you just want to get away from everything.

The façade of the house is mostly white, with a small entrance that then reveals a large, circular window. Even though it seems like a plain wall, the house hides lot of surprises. The house has a double façade which conveys plenty of sunlight despite the pure white. Moreover, the façade on the west side of the house is entirely made of glass. It provides unobstructed views of the lake and the hills in the distance.