The life of a good TV is close to a thousand miles. At it has to be watched for hours and even days, depending on the weather in your case and the time you can spend there. A good TV has a solid and comfortable seating place suitable for the hours when you need an intense activity. It can also be mounted at any height, making it perfect for sitting when you’re doing a cooking, whatever those activities may be. The seating place in a TV has to be somewhere along with the wall, so that the people sitting there can reach the center of the screen.

The designer of the project called Antonio Citterio, and he did a really good job. The most important feature is an extra wide fireplace. This feature gets a real interior design experience the best, because it looks great and provides that feeling of home that we all want to have. The design tries to combine a tradition character to the modern projects, using wide choice materials and giving up a lot of things. The fireplace has a solid round shape, and the materials used for the supporting portion are wood and metal. The decorative glass in the two places that surround the fireplace increases the visual effect dramatically.

The fireplace has only one accent, but it is rather interesting. The fireplace is mounted on the wall near the upper floor, and the plated brass mounting bracket looks like a band of starfish. It is rather unusual to see brass in any shape, but the material of choice is brass and that suits it very well. The plated brass screws that keep the mounting bracket on the wall look almost like a piece of abstract, delicate art. It is a decoration at the same time as it is functional, as the shelves fit the TV better the surrounding furniture.