Kids need modern beds because they act like they are their own virtual rooms. This way they can feel close to mom or dad or siblings and also feel special. This modern bunk bed and the kids bed collection by Ikat Boro seem to provide the kids with the perfect motivation to make them buy the beds. The beds have a futuristic design and look very simple but also very stylish. They are built in a rectangular shape and the interesting part is that they come in different colors for different kids.

I like red as a color for the bed because it is fuelled by passion and is the color that is constant in all the episodes and episodes devoted to this show “The Insider”. The black and white model used for all the beds is modern and elegant, the thin legs are straight and the shape is perfect for the kids bedroom. The collection consists of sets that are made of solid wood and come in different finishes like white, blue, black or grey. All the pieces are made of oak, beech, beech, driftwood or painted in different colors and patterns.