Everyone knows how frustrating it is to have a boring and old photo frame in their home. Especially when you really love the item but it has become too old and boring. It’s exactly why we decided to try to come up with an alternative to the usual photo frame. We have found a very simple and creative way of repurposing an old photo frame. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

Here are the materials that you need for this project: an old photo frame, 12 glossy resins (or thick mats), 12 plastic sheeting pieces, adhesive, white acrylic paint, foam brushes, masking tape, board screws, sandpaper, a paint brush, sealer and finishing nails. The instructions are really simple and easy to follow. The first step would be to prep the frame. This means you need to make it nice and clean.

Diy Photo Frame Makeover Photo 2

Next, just paint the frame. If you decide to leave it natural like the ones shown, you need to remove the paper around the glass. Then just apply a coat of paint. If you want to paint the finish, first it needs to be primer. After that it’s time to install the screws. Depending on the type of frame you choose, this part can differ.

Diy Photo Frame Makeover Photo 3

Install the screws by tying a piece of tape between them. This would work best if you leave the frame alone. After you’re done with removing the paper, get some paint and a paintbrush and start painting the frame. When you’re putting the finishing touches, peel the tapebooks off and apply them to the frame.{found on housoosecandy}.