Wine racks, placemats and bar stools – these often neglected elements are the cruisers of the dining room. They are the face of the room, the major component in any decoration. They are also the most commonly used furnishing in the house. But just as important as the tables and chairs are when choosing them, so are the kitchen counters. Garden gnomes, for example, are quite popular.

The counter tops are usually countertop and sink. But if you want your kitchen counter top to be special, then you should consider buying an antique one or two and giving it a thorough cleaning. Even if the item is antique, its use will revive it in time. And since it will be kept as such, you should not damage it.

Apartment Kitchen Decorating Ideas With Vintage Flair Photo 2

There are certain things that you can do to make the place look more lively. For example, balance the color of the furniture pieces. It’s very simple to do this and the effect is stronger than if you were to pick a randomly choice of colored pieces of furniture. Also, the color of the walls can also help you achieve this balance. The color of the walls should match with the furniture.

Apartment Kitchen Decorating Ideas With Vintage Flair Photo 3

Most often, the furniture in the kitchen is white. The most common color for this room is the combination of white and light blue. The walls are also white and the furniture is mostly vintage and modern. Still, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can just add some color sparkle to your kitchen, even if it’s just a small décor. Maybe a little color contrast would help.{pictures from bhg, Aja Thomas and 1, 2,3,4 }