A two-person bed is the best choice for the small bedrooms. By combining them you get more space to use the rest of the room and also to get the guest bed or closet units. It’s a great way of maximizing the room and also a very useful alternative for bedrooms lacking free space such as this one.

The LAMBOT Eco Lodge beds are an ingenious combination of two different elements: a bed and a closet. In a way, this means that each bed has a built-in dressing room and storage space incorporated in its headboard. The idea is ingenious and space-efficient, not to mention that it’s also an extremely comfortable combo. The bed’s headboard matches the frame and it’s available in three different finishes: oak, white or charcoal.

Six-foot high ceilings and large windows make this apartment not only airy and bright but also space-efficient. Managing to fit all this space into a small room is a challenge but it was all possible thanks to the ingenuity of interior design studio Michael K. Chen Architecture. The apartment is located in New York and its floor plan is 1,000 square feet (approximately 57 square meters). It has a total floor area of 300 square meters and the design was optimized to suit the space.

As you can see, the bedroom is basically one single space with a closet underneath and one bed at the other. It’s a practical combo that allows the room to be highly flexible and space-efficient at the same time. The guest bedroom is a semi-private space and it includes a dressing area and a bathroom. It has access to the bathroom through a narrow corridor.The floor plan sort of puts the bed in the corner which works out well if you have a small room to work with.