The kitchen is the area of the house that is last to be covered in concrete before being replaced by something more appropriate for the rest of the house. Because it’s a small room, the kitchen gets all the attention, so it needs to be bright and inviting. So look for some colorful and friendly pieces of furniture that can create a joyful and warm atmosphere.

This lovely kitchen design is done by Oleg Trofimov. It’s painted in white and it has a sleek and simple design. The color palette is not very wide so the overall image is bright and modern. The kitchen has been sized with tables and chairs that fit perfectly in the corner. There’s not a lot of room for big pans, but perhaps a microwave would be useful.

Concrete Floors Kitchen Design By Oleg Trofimov Photo 2

As you can see, there’s not a lot of space for everything that you might need in the kitchen. It’s usually enough to have a sink on one end of the counter and a few utensils on the other. So waste not a lot of space and invest in quality pieces of furniture.

This kitchen has a very functional and practical design. It’s one of the simplest and most practical ones you can build. The design allows the user to wash the dishes at the sink while also storing them in the drawers or on the shelves. The shelves are great for storing pots, pans and all sorts of kitchen supplies. The countertop has a very nice texture that suits the kitchen well.