Designing your home is just as hard as decorating any other part of house. You have to take into account the whole family, the size of the room you have, the space you have available and also the personal preferences. Because there are so many variables available, it’s important to have some clear idea of what you want and what you need to include in that space. In this case the fact that your family has a large family is something to take into consideration.

Since the family has two children, this makes the room the perfect place for customization. You can see in the picture the full bedroom which has a masculine vibe and also features some elements that are specific to the boy. The headboard is a real statement piece and the way the space is organized makes a huge difference.

The cabinetry from the kitchen and dining area is made of solid wood and contrasts with the soft upholstery used for the rest of the furniture. The wood adds warmth to the room and the color combination is relaxing and embraces the room, making it a very relaxing space.

Fall Bedroom Decorating Ideas From Aussie Web Designer Jason Damas Photo 4