We all have at least one coat hanger in the house and it’s usually smaller than the ones we have in the bathrooms. However, there is a large coat hanger with more hangers hidden in the closet and behind the doors. They are great for organizing the hangers and it gets easier and faster to find them when you have a lot of coat hangers in the house.

Coat hangers come in all sorts of designs. They are usually handmade but there are also some pretty simple to download some models. There are not that many hangers than there are available but there are still enough to download and they are all cute and nice looking. Let’s now look at a few designs featuring coat hangers. To be more exact, here are some examples one could choose from.

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The first one is a coat hanger with a very simple design, with a solid wooden frame and four slightly bigger hangers, suspended from the wall with elastic straps. If you want to store more hangers you can sew a hanger, but keep the design simple at the beginning. This one is available on etsy.

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The second design is somewhat similar, but this time has a metallic frame instead of a wooden one. It’s a little more modern and you can use it to store your more limited-sized shoes. Since the hangers are already so small and there’s no place to store them, you can just put them in a drawer or find an easier way to put them on the wall.

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The last hanger design we’re presenting today is an old-fashioned one with a rustic look. It’s made of reclaimed pine lumber and it has a very simple and rustic look that makes it perfect for just about any area of the house. The best part about this little equipment is that it can be very easily folded away and stored somewhere when not needed.

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