Pink is a very popular color right now. It’s usually associated with pretty much anything pink. But this doesn’t make it a completely irresistible color. On one hand, it’s still a shade that may be perceived as being feminine and thus gives the impression of a very bohemian interior décor but on the other hand it’s also associated with violence towards women and so it’s not that great when it comes to finding harmony in interior décor. I personally like pink as a color but I also enjoy taking into consideration challenges.

A modern metal bed with a pink design definitely looks very beautiful and chic. In fact, the whole bedroom looks particularly elegant and pleasant, especially with those nice accent details. To make things even better, the bed has an interesting design and a lightweight look. It’s a very nice choice for a modern bedroom. It’s a color that looks great when combined with neutral tones of brown, beige, grey and white. Of course, other tones of colors are available but right now we focus on pink.

Modern Industrial Bedroom With Hot Pink Accents Photo 2

In the case of a colorful bedroom, it would be best to use a pastel shade of pink. It would make the room look cheerful and relaxing and it would also be very easy to maintain the balance. Other colors might look nice but you can opt for something simple like white, beige or yellow. Take a look at the pictures and decide what type of mood you want to create in your home.

Modern Industrial Bedroom With Hot Pink Accents Photo 4