Dutch architectural design firm nur-nocht has created the Stacked Residence.

Completed in 2010, this contemporary home features an innovative exterior of lattice-pattern concrete boards, and attractive interior design based on the use of vibrant colors.

Stacked Residence by nur-nocht:

Scandinavian Office Designs By Nur-nocht Photo 3

“This is a completely revamped house on a beautiful lakefront plot. The house face is against a spacious lawn, with a large parking area beside it, and a swimming pool near it. We took the view of the lake and the parking-point as a starting point, then opened up the house towards the garden and the swimming pool.

The house is built on two levels, or more exact, and the lower level is houses the kitchen, toilets, storage space, and 2shrine bathrooms. The upper level is designed as an open space with a minimalist design, with soft colors and a view towards the trees.”

Photos courtesy of nur-nocht