This is a small house that huts by hiker Ian Häverä, from’s a one-story house located near Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.This tiny house huts by hiker Ian Häverären huts a sleeping area on the topmost hiker’s hut, where he can store his bike.

Spacious and cool house that allows you to stay warm, feeling fresh and comfortable.By looking at it you realize that the house isn’t so small that it shouldn’t have any interior features, but it has the main features that every house should have. It’s modern, beautiful, comfortable and you can find all the things you need in it.

As you can see the house has large windows and modern furniture, a place where you can admire the beautiful landscape and enjoy the surrounding area. From outside you have the feeling that it is a well planned and detailed place, designed by the most important architects from Santiago, including architects Quinto Canoanga, Javier Garcia, Carlos Rodoló Faz, Paul Cancamioni and Lucas Mansilla.