People need moments of relax and comfort in order to be able to continue their daily activities and to face all kind of obstacles.These moments are meant to recharge our batteries and make us feel fresh and relaxed.

James & Mau proposed to create this luxury black wall bedroom.It is a luxurious bedroom that takes place in the exclusive precincts of the hotel.

The bedroom is a place where James & Mau intend to lavishly take rest after a long, hard day of work. In order to keep the place close to nature, the use of floor to ceiling black glass is suggested.As the darkness of the room is reflected by moonlight, each portion of the room becomes a different area.

Black Wall Bedroom By James & Mau Photo 3

Black becomes the dominant element that dominates the entire wall.Nowadays, when it comes to interiors, people try to reduce the use of colors and simplify things so that the environment can be more simple and elegant.Few people try to decorate their homes so that they can make it as minimal and elegant as possible.