The Isle of Skye is a beautiful place in Northern Ireland with wonderful views over the mountains and the Aegean Sea. It’s a very quiet area with shrubs and trees that surround the area and give privacy to the homes. Here, you can find some of the most beautiful and inviting homes in the region and the intention of this community is to offer the homes the outdoor space they need and the privacy they need to feel like a part of the landscape.

In the basement of the house there’s a large pool, surrounding a small terrace. The view of the pool is unusual but beautiful. After analyzing the other properties there’s a total cohesion between this building and the surrounding area and the fact that the same design is in fact used as an extension of the street and the garden creates a very nice cohesion.

As for the rest of the interior design, the residences focus around the same principles as the exterior in terms of architecture and interior décor. They feature simple and modern interior designs with clean lines, bright colors, chic accent features and stylish details. They have the pool, terrace and garden like conditions that make them feel like a part of the landscape.{found on site}.