When decorating a boy’s room it’s always difficult to resist the temptation of pink and gold. They are two colors that when combined together form a very strong and vivid combination. This is a perfect example to illustrate this idea. This is a chic boys’ room with a playful interior décor. It features simple colors, functional décor solutions and bold accent details.

The color palette chosen for the room is very diverse. It includes warm and neutral shades such as the fuchsia tones complemented by the gray and blue accents and small hints of red. It’s also interesting how all these colors were chosen in combination with neutral tones such as the black or the white. The result is a very chic and elegant interior with a masculine vibe.

Chic Boys Room With Touch Of Pink And Gold Photo 2

The transition between the colors is a very smooth and subtle one. The main shade is yellow o blue with turquoise accents. In the bedrooms there’s also a corresponding teal carpet that fitting this style. The rest of the rooms also feature a variety of pastel shades with subtle prints. The kids’ room is very chic, simple and stylish. I particularly like the striped bedding and the way the rest of the room has been decorated without ignoring the bedroom’s exclusive nature.{found on houseofturquoise}.

Chic Boys Room With Touch Of Pink And Gold Photo 4