We all have moments when we feel the need to be cozy, to relax, to have a good talk and so on. In those moments a comfortable bed seems the best choice and we always have a good night sleep. In those moments nothing else can compare. Now things have changed and new habits have appeared and people have started paying attention to their bedding rather than their bed. This time the owner of this bedroom decided to take a risk and bought some sequin strips.

They decided to use this as a simple alternative to beds and to try to give them a twist. It was a risky decision as sequin is a strong color and the bedding is supposed to be a neutral material. Still, the owner and his friends insisted on buying this bedding rather than taking it one piece at a time, so it was crossed and bunched and the results were better than expected. Now the bed looks great and it is a joy to have to change it each time, to show it the sad side once it has finished.

Sequin Strips, Fun Wall Decals And More Photo 2

Sequin Strips, Fun Wall Decals And More Photo 3