Taking a rest in the bedroom after a long day or studying for an hour should not be a dull experience; it is all about enjoying the time that you spend in the bedroom and deciding whether you want to continue into the kitchen or not to take it one step further, but nevertheless decide what would be the best atmosphere for the bedroom.

The industrial style bedroom furniture set from Ana Salgado is a bedroom that is full of light, starting from the kitchen to the stairs. It is a perfect industrial style blending the warm nuances from the kitchen with the harshness of the stairs.All the pieces are simple and unassuming and the wood used to decorate the walls and floor, come together to give the bedroom a unique look and feel, but each one of them is emphasized through the nice set of central lights especially designed for this room.

Gone are the days when the bedroom includes a giant wardrobe that covered an entire wall; in this case, the bedroom is a half-walls closet and the lighting comes from its ceiling. In addition to offering you a private space for you to rest your feet after a hard day at work, the bedroom is also a place where you can relax and clear your mind after a long day, taking in freshness and beauty.

Industrial Style Bedroom Furniture From Ana Salgado Photo 3

A modern bedroom with simple furniture and given a romantic touch is the perfect setting where you can overdraft with flowers and buffets and create a dream land.