There are moments when your mind hears enough of the world and you imagine what it would be like to actually live there. However, you cannot imagine how it would be like to actually live in New York or Paris or to see an exotic place like Taipei or Shanghai. However, there are some American designers that managed to create a certain type of atmosphere in these places.

One of them is Gilad Radat from Israel. He designed drum furniture collection which refers to some comfortable like sofas that tend to have a circular shape or a round one. The dumptramp is a special kind of a furnishing that tends to be more architectural and not functional, thus making it perfect for a particular space where you need to relax.

Drum Furniture Collection By Gilad Radat Photo 2

The design of this collection is modern and particularly attractive. It’s a way of decorating your home in a pleasant and pleasant way. Each piece comes in a natural color, natural leather, nubuck or gray and there are some neutral tones as well for more neutral tones. It’s a very beautiful collection that will help you get some warmth and comfort, but also some modern additions. It’s a very versatile collection and it many be used in the living room as well as in the bedroom or even office.

Drum Furniture Collection By Gilad Radat Photo 3