I am sure you all have gathered all the kids that have reached out at their birthday. They are all screaming “Grandpa”, “Bucket of nails” or at least some of you are. Usually it is said that they have gathered all sorts of things that they need to deposit somewhere safe for their own child. Well, it is true that they do not do that because they have some stubborn and non-nearly-afraid kids and they hate those places. But in Sweden they do not do that either because it is really dangerous for them.

The Swedish Kids Bookcase is perfect for those little ones and it can save their tears if they need to read something before going to bed. Not to mention that it is perfect for their room and looks great. It is colourful, vintage and is used for the kids room and you cannot also choose from a multitude of different designs that you can buy from such as the red dot tree on the web or other family friendly widgets . I guess the fact that it is handmade is perfect and the perfect accessory for your kid’s room.