If you’re worried about the space in your home being too small for a guest room bed, concerns shouldn’t be dismissed yet. This is an important aspect because a proper and comfortable bed just makes sense. This is the case with this bedding collection designed by Pulti-Dise. The collection includes everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep like duvet, pillow, sheets, and a variety of other accessories.

The bedding is made of 80% cotton and 20% rayon from recycled polyester. The collection features comforters, shams, throw, side tables, benches, and other bedding. This collection is perfect for any type of home, whether you need a single bed for guests, a double bed for your own bedroom, or a twin bed for friends.

Each piece of this bedding set comes with a unique design and a beautiful pattern. It’s an elegant way of decorating your home. The set is made of 100% cotton with a 20% rayon backing. It’s an extremely light cotton material meaning it’s very easy to clean. If you’re worried about the space, then you should know that this bedding set comes in a full-size (86 x 86 x 80 cm), Queen-size (92 x 92 x 80 cm), King-size (92 x 92 x 80 cm), Kids (36 x 34 x 60 cm) and King-size (60 x 60 cm) and so on.