Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Meditation Nook By Aimee Leigh

This quiet home is the meditation nook designed by Aimee Leigh, who owns this cottage in the woods of Ontario, Canada. This cottage is hidden in the trees, with only the reflection of the water off the windows and the […]

Diy Boot Rack From Urbanoutfitings

I’ve always liked those clothes racks that come in handy when you need just a little extra storage space for your cloths. They’re usually very simple and just a screw. But there’s one way in which you can make your […]

Pantry Pocket Door By Azzurine

Pocket doors are a very nice choice when it comes to closet doors. They don’t have any visible hardware or a solid frame and they feature transparent glass. Pocket doors are also very easy to install. They come in a […]

Luxury Home Decor For Sale

If you’re looking for a luxury home decorating style and need to make a statement without being flashy – look no further. This exhibition space is set up to make a statement both in person and in money. It features […]

Houses Structure In Vila Boim By MARC

Specht Hapman-based architectural firm MARC has created the House Vila Boim in Vila Boim, Senegal. Completed in 2012, this 5,059 square foot contemporary home features a unique curved design with glass walls and an innovative underwater room. It is built […]