When we sit down for a relaxing afternoon in the summer our days become less formal and more friendly, and the whole feeling is rather familiar and comfortable. In those moments we can unleash our inner artist and create wonderful things out of nothing.

This loftbed design by Casey Brown Architecture is a wonderful example of how you can create wonderful things out of very little. The X House, located in Venice, Los Angeles is a 400 square foot loft situated on the top floor of a Hollywood Hills building completed in 2008. The owner wanted to design his dream home in a style that would be unique and modern, but without spopping the owner, so the designer came up with the idea of “hidden” entrances disguised as mailbox-style entries, which found them to be a fun and at the same time convenient option.

The house has a fresh look, with a pavilion-like layout, and features a 45 degree pitched roof that gives it that characteristic loft look. The horizontal structure used to conceal all the fittings and cables are a great look, plus they help give the house that beautiful overhang. Underneath all the floors is a beautiful swimming pool, which is the main focal point of the house.

Loftbed Design By Casey Brown Architecture Photo 3

All the floors are painted white or pale wood, creating a great light effect. The terraces of the house have the look of a beautiful swimming lane, with that gorgeous arbour that gives that sense of freedom and movement.

Loftbed Design By Casey Brown Architecture Photo 4

Photos by: Randy O’Rourke and Michael Vahran