The “home”, if we will call it that, is in the medieval shop of the town, La Barceloneta. The building where the “home” is actually the same one that gives rise to both large private homes and urban spaces, is almost invisible in the crowded, busy, and crowded Catalonian city.

Designed by the interior designers Claudia Oliveira Barlas and Martina Halpern from the architecture firm Plantation Projects, the two dreamed to transform the ground floor of this house into a small productive area with the feeling of family life. The house is located on the first floor of a large building, made of brick walls and wooden beams, surrounded by ancient stone sculptures.

The new space rearranged the positions of the rooms, maintaining a unique composition that joins both old and new: the whole new living area is organized around a large internal patio, while the bedrooms and the library receive their natural light from that side.

From the entrance side the entrance facade looks like a wall made of wooden planks, creating a spacious, welcoming room. In reality, however, it is a great brick wall, not the kind you would expect to see if you enter a modern house.

The internal patio of the house was the creation of the staircase, the support for the shelves, and the bed, who was located in a different part of the house.

The floor and the ceiling are covered with locals sandstone, which provide great thermal insulation.

On the ground floor are located the social areas, like the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the breakfast room, the dining room and the living room with the bathroom. Open to the garden the living room and the bedrooms, and the master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet. In the basement are located service areas and the garage.

The entire open space is visually connected with the green area of the rooftop and the swimming pool and garden. In the living room the ceiling was built with local, long ceramic called “chinwa”, while in the dining room the ceiling made out of “puebla” wood.

In the basement there is a Tennis Pavilion-in which you can see a small couch with an upholstered seat that was specifically arranged for this space.”

Photos by: Titana Sitter

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