A kitchen needs to be functional and space-efficient because this is its main function, not necessarily the decoration that you can put on it. Decorating the kitchen is sometimes easier than planning the rest of the house and it’s also easier to express your own style and personality and this makes the process of decorating the kitchen easier. These pictures are just a source of examples but they show us everything we need to know about Scandinavian interior design and all the great ideas you can use as inspiration.

There’s a general lack of color in Scandinavian interior design but it’s probably because of the simplicity of the designs. The simplicity is given by the minimalist furniture with clean lines and simple shapes. The color palette is also limited but even so it’s not very wide, just like in the case of the rest of the houses from this point of view.

Swedish Kitchens With A Colorful Décor Photo 2

There’s usually not much color in the kitchen, especially when it comes to all the appliances. Still, a bold touch of color is often enough. In this case orange was used as an accent color and it looks wonderful in combination with grey.

Swedish Kitchens With A Colorful Décor Photo 3

Not all Scandinavian kitchens have warm colors and vibrant shades. They prefer to maintain a neutral color palette throughout and to allow the textures to take center stage. For example, this kitchen has white and blue walls and an overall minimalist and still vibrant décor although the colors are not very rich.

This kitchen is actually quite simple but all the colors used work better together. They complement each other and the colors create a very pleasant atmosphere. The modern chandelier adds a touch of classical elegance to the kitchen and the combination of black and white is subtle and elegant.

This kitchen is quite large but that’s because the room is long and narrow. It’s a common choice in most modern homes and it actually gives the room an extra degree of spaciousness, making it perfect for small spaces. The kitchen island usually features white as the main color.

Even though white is the color of choice for this kitchen, it’s not the most practical color that suits it. As you can see, the kitchen is not that big. It’s small and shallow and this only increases the beauty of its interior design and décor.

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