You might wonder why you wouldn’t put shiplap in the kitchen. For the ease of preparation and business in the space, and the appeal of having a space that looks like a super-elaborate piece of marble, I could totally justify why placing shiplap walls and even trimeting in the kitchen.

Shiplap is like the checkerboard of all kitchen surfaces, as it allows you to add and subtract visual bits of decor or pattern to your space with ease – Ladies and gentlemen, ladies only need a little something. Sometimes all you need is a light and airy space to bring out your neatness.

Here are some great examples of modern kitchen shelving that also double as a decor element. These are ours. My dear friend Katherine gifted us her diamond list and other reading materials while we were cooking. We’re all so caught up in recipes and receipts and spending time in the fridge that we forget about our other needs, like the one that’s on the chopping block.

Shiplap In Kitchen – A New Decor Idea Photo 3

15. Add more structure to your storage

Shiplap In Kitchen – A New Decor Idea Photo 4

A shiplap accent wall or even just a wall full of wood shelving can go a long way in adding more structure and focus to the area of the kitchen. Even if you don’t have a ton of space, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use the rest of your kitchen, just fill the blanks up with additional shelves.

Shiplap In Kitchen – A New Decor Idea Photo 5

16. Make a new breakfast nook

Author Ginny Weatherly took a chance when she moved into her new kitchen and decided that a new breakfast nook would be needed. The cost of the entire space was $33. Total DIY barrier removed but we can just see this space for what it really is now.

17. Give your dining room a makeover

So you’ve moved into the new house and the hard work of replacing all the cabinets who worked there once, how about you give the dining room a quick makeover? Before you do, you can paint the walls, strip the furniture to strip it down to the most minimal splendor and put up some new picture frames.

18. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. If you’re lucky enough to have a remodel or to be fortunate enough to purchase a new house, you can do some really cool design changes right at home without anyone worrying about you. Change the look of the picture frames, put new upholstery on a chair or desk, cut new window treatments, change the rug, you have the tools to make all that happen for your home.

19. Decorate with copper accents

It’s quite obvious that copper paint is a stylish and glamorous detail but it’s not very common either. Nevertheless, it looks great especially when paired with certain combinations of colors or certain types of finishes.

20. Decorate with replicability

If you’re feeling creative and you want to make your space look original maybe you should try replacing some elements with something that could work in that particular case. Try using mismatched accent details and accessories as a way to create contrasts and to create a wearable interior décor.