The Nordic concept of space is very appreciated in this case because it maximizes functionality and the overall decorating style. It’s why Scandinavian interior decors are beautiful regardless of the style chosen for the combined room. In any case, there are many ways in which these rooms incorporate Scandinavian influences.

First of all, the rooms are extremely well organized. They feature large saving spaces with all sorts of ingenious storage solutions and clever combinations of color and texture. In other words, the overall decor is functional and pleasant to the eye without necessarily being overly bright and filled with furniture.

Minimalist Rooms With Warm Scandinavian Influences Photo 3

The most interesting piece of furniture in this living space is the wall bed. It looks so unique because it has such a unique and unusual design. The way it perfectly wraps around the user’s body and provides him comfort is quite unusual. The sofa can also be seen in other parts of the room as well.

A lovely detail is the fact that the main color used here is white. The bedroom could easily incorporate one of these charming walls as well but because it’s so bright and fresh it would be nice.

The living space and the kitchen don’t have any striking contrasts in their designs. They’re mostly white and they’re complemented by shades of gray and wood. By the way, some of the original furniture pieces have been preserved and even partially restored.

The overall design is simple and elegant, especially the bedroom. The two-toned modern bed and the black nightstand are the only elements that create a strong contrast with the white backdrop.

The bathroom is small but not as simple as others. The whitewashed brick walls add a rustic touch to the décor while the small wall mirror and the art give it a contemporary vibe.

A stylish skylight gives the bathroom a very cozy and comfortable look. It may look small since it’s so wide but it’s actually spacious.

Although small, the bathroom is also stylish and surprisingly well-organized. The storage system is nicely spread and the corner sink doubles as a corner window for the mirror and pendant lamp.

A perfect neighbor for the loft bed is the wall bed and the ladder that leads up to it. They double as storage modules in this case, gaining versatility and extra storage space.