The Pafeo table by Hugo Lalli is a very unusual and eye-catching piece of furniture that would look great in any home library. It’s a coffee table shaped like a giant book cover that would actually be very suitable for a modern or contemporary home since its design is so unusual and interesting.

The name of the table comes from an old Portuguese map of the Roque Peninsula which would also give the name of the table. The table is made of aluminum and has a round shape. It’s meant to complement a living room where it would be a very comfortable piece of furniture. The table is available in two colors, red and black, the last one being a little more bold because of the contrast.

Inside it has a square base that can be either a square or a rectangular section. There are also additional support legs that provide stability and the table also features a small open storage area where you can place your books, magazines, CDs, DVDs or any other decorations or personal treasures. It’s a very interesting and unique piece of furniture. Make sure you don’t place it on a direct line as it might get ruined. Also, because of its shape, it might get so hot that the feet will pop out of the ground. In just a few seconds it will be ready to use. It’s such an unusual furniture piece.