When you have a pet that seems to hide between all the shelves in your home, you can always find something to put them there, and this is perfectly normal. But there’s a special situation when you have a really small dog that probably won’t stay near you any longer and you have to put all your furniture on top of it. Brandoni shows you how to handle this problem with style.

The dog bed and accent tables are actually two very different things. They are placed one on top of the other, almost invisible to the little people walking around and you have no idea where they are and what they do. Well, you can have a normal dinner for two in style and the rest of the time your dog can follow suit and do whatever you want to pet. But your dinner is not complete without the bed or bedside table that is a bit on the small side and – once again – super safe. As you can see from the pictures, this style is very well liked by people because it’s comfortable and nice, elegant and inviting, perfect for a dinner with friends or something to eat after work.

The colours are also very deep, bringing good vibes and a big impact, especially if you use black and white for the boys. The rug is the perfect feature for the boys bedroom and it has the perfect sweet tone for them. What I like about this style is the fact that it’s girly and you can use pictures of friends and family or the cat looking from the living room wall. If you have a male dog, don’t blame me for ruining your beautiful home.

Dog Bed Nightstands From Brandoni Photo 4