studio appartment is a project completed by Håkamp Helbing Arkitektur in 2014.

It is located in Höllviken, Sweden, and covers an area of 876 square feet.

studio appartment by Håkamp Helbing Arkitektur:

Studio Appartment By Håkamp Helbing Arkitektur Photo 3

“In the leafy Stockholm area, Helmut Hallsdalen Gardens offers a variety of studios. The turnaround producer, Håkamp, has recently expanded its studio area to a roomy 480 square metre apartment.

The studio is well equipped with a variety of games, both for indoor and outdoor, with a menu for breakfast, movie night and evening drinks, a fridge and free wifi. The space is versatile and can be used day or night, year round.

We have planned a minimal kitchen with a high ceiling and window seat to grab a book and a cigarette. A photo display board is also a necessity for the apartment and we have decided to leave it out as it will be completed in 300 days.

The walls are painted black, the floor is left untreated, and the cabinet is built in a Mondrian box. Due to the oven it is necessary to prep the floor and the ceiling before bringing in the furniture.

On the balcony a deck made of thick wooden beams serve as seats for the open night view of the city.

Håkamp Helbing Arkitektur