Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Diy Holiday Decor For Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays as it is small and simple, but at the same time, very festive. Since it is celebrated every year, I though it would be a good idea to also decorate it this year […]

Japanese Garden Design Ideas

When we think about a garden, we think about a place where we can relax and spend time with friends or animals. So, when somebody comes to us and wants to spend time in a rather busy place, it’s natural […]

Diy Lamps Ideas For Modern Homes

Looking for a modern decoration for your home? How about some new and innovative dines? We have a very interesting collection of designer lamps for modern homes. This collection is composed of several very interesting and simple designs. The pieces […]

Moroccan Bedroom Ideas From E27

The beauty of having a Moroccan bedroom is that you can make it any room of the house, it all depends on what you need.The Moroccan style uses interior carrying shelters, which cover the entire ceiling, as for the furniture […]

Creepy Lighting Fixtures By O2lion

The name of this lampshade might be a hint to the creepy nature of the design, but I’m sure nobody thought of this before! These two looking lampshades by o2lion are run of electricity by a process of heat treatment […]