Today we’re going to look at a series of small-scale and simple-looking lamps from Kasch. The Lamp J is a nice accent piece with a sculptural shape and a combination of soft and pleasant colors. The same collection also includes the Lamp U, the other two with similar designs. They feature similar shapes and they’re suited for the garden. The lamps are made of solid early 20th century aluminium and large glass globes made of transparent acrylic.

The lamps have a very interesting design. They are mostly traditional but they have been reinvented and they now have an artistic and chic look that would complement any room of the house. The lamps are sold individually and they measure about 6 – 7 cm. They are not adjustable. Instead, it’s best to use a level in order to avoid accidents. The lamps are very versatile and they can be included in the living room, bedroom, library etc.

The Luminaires series offers innovative lamp designs that use recycled materials. This allows them to reduce their carbon footprint and to help them become green products. The lampshades are made of recycled waste paper and they each have their own character. They all feature natural colors and designs and they make wonderful statement pieces. The Luminaires series includes several versions with different shapes, sizes and even colors.

Cute Room Lights – Multifunctional Lamps From Kasch Photo 3

Cute Room Lights – Multifunctional Lamps From Kasch Photo 4