The geometric design of the A-cero new roof structure is beautifully developed in detail by the geometric form, while a perfect integration of the building is made in the facade. The new cubic rooftops are created with the assistance of a Euro photovoltaic module, accelerated by a ring of batteries, and via a train power. The system is complemented by an entertainment system, the so called NETGEATOR – according to its name, NETGEATOR helps us to garden without any wires and wires, thanks to its application on water surfaces.

Another interesting fact about this structure is that it is directly accessible for you through the cross ring adhesive route. Once you enter this building, you see yourself floating among the solar panels, and the new shape of the building seems unreal. You don’t need any sophisticated or metallic buildings to make good use of this pavilion. If you are creative, bold, young or simply single and love modern designs, try your skills to go to the source in front of you. The installation is completed by the famous architect Jorge Marsino R.

Modern Roofs By A-cero Photo 3