For an elegant look and a very practical storage solution, a plate rack would be perfect. This particular design is great for small kitchens. It’s a plate rack and it can also be used for ironing or simply folding clothes. You can store there all your plates, towels, oven mittens and everything else you usually need in the kitchen. This helpful piece of furniture would make a lovely addition to any kitchen.

The rack is very simple and also very functional. It features a small part that can be easily removed while you’re cleaning it to free your tools and supplies. There you can find everything you need with the exception of the small compartments for the scissors and other small items. Everything can be placed in one place without making it stick out in an annoying way.

This simple rack can be placed anywhere you have some free space. In order to install it all you have to do is find an empty space near the ceiling and above the door and then place your 12? plate screw. Use a helper to fix the plate screw as needed. When you’re done with that part, move on to the two small sections on the top and bottom. You should add about 12? to 14? to reach the desired size of the rack. When you’re done with all the parts, flip the rack inside out and repeat the process. After that you’re done with everything else and you have a perfectly nice rack.{found on designsponge}