This residential complex is located on the banks of the Buffels River, in the British Columbia, Canada. Designed by DT Direct, the combination of glass, steel and concrete could be seen as the final touch in creating a simple yet contemporary home.

The construction of the home consists of platforms one facing the river, and two others facing another nearby property. The two volumes do not extend to the back of the property, but are built up from the public side just like the platforms of the dueling platforms above.

The flat roof creates a solar shading for the rustic home, while the space in the front of the house is created from prefabricated steel that can be reshaped later.

A steel protean floor and roof defines the interior concept. In order to create large openings and give this home a more dynamic appearance, the interior environment is proportional with the exterior. The materials used are consistent throughout the house, which allows all of the spaces, even the contrast between intimate and social, to have a direct relationship with the surrounding natural environment.”

Photos by: Peter Fritz